Welcome to PT. Perintis Jaya Internasional

PT Perintis Jaya Internasional was founded in 1998, and we have been one of the nation's leading fresh tuna exporter since then. We own and operate 69 fishing vessels and the scale of our operation allow us to be fully integrated and ensure high quality is maintained as we control the entire process from catching, processing and delivery.

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Why Choose Us ?

Tailor made

Inform us any product specifications that you need, and we will do it for you. As we understand that different customers have different needs of products.

69 vessels

Continuous high quality supply and yet sustainable, and total control to implement our strict commitment since the very beginning to the end of the process.

Always Improving

Innovation is a part of our culture, we encourage creativity, promotes education and develop employee competence.

HACCP certified

All of our facilities and processing plant, are in compliance to international standard


Longline is our preferred catching method and we join Fisheries Improvement Program to help preserve the ocean for the future generation.

Production Process

Unloading of fish from our fishing vessel

Fish grading
Cutting into products
Loading to reefer container
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